• Juliette Viger Animator, Director & Visual Artist


    M: 00 45 53 62 24 68


    Hi! I am an animator and director from Bazainville, little town in the suburbs of Paris (FR).

    I graduated from the Animation Workshop based in Viborg (DK), with a Bachelor in Character Animation in 2016. I directed a few projects in the past few years, one of them being my graduation film Untamed. I live in Viborg and currently work as a freelance animator and painter on a VR/traditional painted short film directed by Uri and Michelle Kranot. I will enroll the European animation production workshop "Animation Sans Frontieres" (ASF) in the fall 2016.



    As a visual artist, I like working with story, characters, and building original projects that bring people together. I draw inspiration from diverse sources, such as cinema, performance, dance, music, fine arts, and of course, life. With a great interest in the expression of feelings on screen, I always try to create emotional pieces that resonate in people’s hearts.


    My main interests are

    2D and 3D Animation

    Storyboard, Story

    Illustration and Design

    Concept and Idea development



    I am actively looking for a job position in the previous areas and I am open to new experiences related to film-making, performance, animation, or creation in general.

  • Directing

    "Untamed" Bachelor project 2015

    Role: Director, Storyboard Artist, Animation, Editing
    Collaboration work/

    Production blog:


    "Cinema Monster" Commercial Project

    Role: Director, Animator, Character Design, Storyboard
    Collaboration work/

    Production blog:


    "Lights Out" Short Short Film

    Role: Co-director, Animator, Character Design, Storyboard
    Collaboration work/

  • Animation Showreel

  • Character Design

  • Storyboard

    Storyboard for "Untamed" - Bachelor project

    A short description.

    Storyboard for "Untamed" - Bachelor project

    Extract from the short story ‘The Champion of the World’ by Roald Dahl

    Storyboard for a sequence of a sci-fi horror project "Alien Attack"

  • Education

    • 2016: BACHELOR OF ARTS: ANIMATION, CHARACTER ANIMATION The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Jylland, Denmark
    • 2011: DIPLOMA OF CLASSICAL ART The Drawing Academy, Viborg, Jylland, Denmark 
    • 2010/2011: FINE ART PREPARATION CLASS Ecole Estienne, Paris 13eme, France
    • 2010: HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA: SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC STUDIES - EUROPEAN OPTION Lycee Jean Monnet, La Queue Lez Yvelines, France

    Work experience


    • 2016: Animator and Painter for VR/traditional 2D-painted short film "Nothing Happens" directed by Michal and Uri Kranot
    • 2016: 2D Animator on a commercial produced by Psyop and Norlum for Detroit Zoo
    • 2016: Freelance 2D Animator for the game project "Shrug Island" produced by Tiny Red Camel
    • 2015: 2D Generalist, 3D Modeling, Animation 5-months internship at Sehsucht, Berlin
    • 2015: 3D Animation for Glitchnap Game Studio
    • 2014/2015: Director, storyboard artist, animator and editor on the 7 minute bachelor short “Untamed”
    • 2014: Storyboard artist on a live-action documentary pitched by MosterBob Production, Denmark
    • 2014: Game development internship at Tumblehead Animation Studio (concept development, character designer, animator), Denmark
    • 2014: Director, storyboard artist, animator on the 30 sec. trailer for the Viborg Animation Festival 2014, Denmark
    • 2013-14: Co-director, concept artist and animator for the smartphone/tablet app « Amning » by MosterBob Production, Denmark
    • 2013: Commission work (4 wall paintings) for the International Buddhist Academy, Katmandu, Nepal
    • 2012: Logo and interior designer for the organic shop « Escale Bio », France
    • 2011: "Conceptualization and pitching an idea" workshop on a new interactive museum, Paris, France
    • 2010: Commission work of a tryptic painting, exhibited in the high school « Lycée Jean Monnet », France
    • 2010: Painting performance on stage in the artistic show « Il eat une fois… la creation du monde » by Michel Podolak, Paris, France
    • 2009: One-week stop motion animation workshop on the project « Habits », France
    • 2007-2010: Intensive art line in high school, final personal project « The Self in Art»  
  • Language 


    French (native)

    English (fluent)

    German (intermediate)




    TV Paint 
    After Effects

  • For more of my work, have a look at my blog*